Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at St. Mary the Virgin
Calne, Wiltshire
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
EW18915Clayton & BellChrist in MajestyThe Guardian 30.12.1891
SC118692Ward & HughesNoli me TangereStylistic attribution
SChE18663O'Connor signedGood Samaritan;Christ;Suffer little childrenSjt MerewetherMarlboorough Times 3.3.1866 for date
SCh1+184733 faded roundelsMary Guthrie
SCh2+185133 Christ with children scenes
STrS18644 (top)WailesRaising Lazarus;Entombment;Risen Christ;Draught of fishesWiltshire Independent 24.11.1864 "1 by Wailes"
STrS18644 (below)WailesHealing;Holy Family;Christ & Doctors;Preaching?Wiltshire Independent 24.11.1864 "1 by Wailes"
SA1+19072Clayton & BellAdoration of MagiRev John DuncanStylistic attribution
SA2Good Shepherd;Risen ChristBridget Shedforth
SAW18673WailesLife of St Paul incidentsEliza WhyteThe Guardian 13.3.1867
WW18675Clayton & Bell2 rows of scenesHenrietta CreweSalisbury & Winchester Journal 16.3.1867
NC118692Ward & Hughes3 Maries at TombStylistic attribution
NChE+18743Clayton & BellAngelsThe Church Rambler, Bath 1876 p42
NTrE18841Clayton & BellBVMWiltshire Telegraph 14.6.1884
NTrN19173Christopher WhallSt Louis;St Michael;St GeorgeWhall & Whall: List of windows
NA118643ClutterbuckWashing disciples feet/Last Supper;Ascension/Crucifixion;Agony/Bearing crossWiltshire Independent 24.11.1864 "3 by Clutterbuck"
NA218643ClutterbuckAdoration of Magi/Nativity;Baptism/Flight into Egypt;Sea scenesWiltshire Independent 24.11.1864 "3 by Clutterbuck"
NAW19093Clayton & Bell signedSuffer little childrenRev John DuncanFaculty D1 61/45/18
NCler2Centre of 3small badge
NCler3Centre of 3small badge