Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at St Mary the Virgin
Great Warley, Essex
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
ApN19041W Reynolds-StephensGrape & Vine leaves & 5 shields with Christ's titlesChurch Guide
ApNE/SE19041 eachW Reynolds-StephensKneeling angelsChurch Guide
ApS19041W Reynolds-StephensGrape & Vine leaves & 10 shields with Christ's titlesChurch Guide
SC19713L.S Lee with JC signedBooks;Gardening;MusicNorfor Heseltine +1968
SChS19313Morris & CoDevotion;Love;HumilityEvelyn Heseltine +1930Sewter
SN120022AuravisionSusan McCarthyAngel;Angel (copy of Heywood Sumner windows)Dedication Service brochure
SN219562James Powell & Sons signedSt Michael/St Barbara;St George/St HubertBrig Gen Rougemont +1951Powell Order Book 31/25
WW1904RoseHeywood SumnerEvangelist symbols (restored after war damage)Church Guide
WW (low)19467x1James Powell & SonsHoganAngelsPowell Order Book 29/195
NN119612M.F PawleSt Francis of Assisi;St CeciliaDenys de Rougemont +1959Faculty D/CF 100/104
NN2+19422M.F PawleSt Christopher;DavidRichard de RougemontStylistic attribution
NN31946L of 2James Powell & SonsSt John BaptistPowell Order Book 29/246
NN31953R of 2LuxfordBVMFlorence BrooksChurch Guide;Faculty D/CF 93/122
NN41975L of 2Wippell Mowbray signedSt Cedd (donated by Eric Cook)
NN41960R of 2W.F.G BakerSt JohnCapt John Story +1956Faculty D/CF 99/13, 13A