Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at St. Peter
Caversham, Berkshire
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
EW19245Percy Bacon signedHost of saintsJames Cooper +1923
SChE+18483WarringtonRoundels:Lt:Agony;Deposition. Cen: Ascension; Crucifixion; Resurrection. Rt:Pentecost; BurialJohn StephensWarrington: A list of works
SCh1+19271Percy BaconSt. PeterKnighton familyStylistic attribution
SCh218481Warrington2 roundels - Calling of St. Peter; Jesus saves Peter from seaWarrington: A list of works
SCh318792Clayton & BellFeed my lambs; St. Peter & disciples after ResurrectionMontague familyBritish Architect 10 Oct. 1879
SA1+18791Clayton & BellPeter & John heal lame man at Beautiful GateThomas SoutheyD/P162/6/2/52 (Berks Record Office)
SA2+18791Clayton & BellRaising of DorcasThomas SoutheyD/P162/6/2/52 (Berks Record Office)
SA3+18791Clayton & BellSt Peter & CorneliusThomas SoutheyD/P162/6/2/52 (Berks Record Office)
SAW18791Clayton & BellDeliverance of St. PeterHenry Sivewright +1873British Architect 10 Oct. 1879
SN118471Warrington2 roundels - Old Testament scenesEmilia MonckWarrington: A list of works
NChE18974James Powell & SonsAngel in each light; Nativity; Passion; Resurrection; AscensionPowell Order Book 13/204
NA1+19183Comper signedSt Thomas;, St John; St James MajorHenry Simonds
NA31919-21Right of 3Comper signedSt. James MinorCapt Haslam
NN119461Comper signedBVM annunciateSir Ninian Comper by Symondson & Bucknall
WW1879Clayton & BellBaptism (obscured by organ)British Architect 10 Oct. 1879