Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at Our Lady of Victories(RC)
Clapham, Inner London
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
EW(top)18516HardmanPuginGabriel; Uriel; Madonna & child; RaphaelHardman 1846-52 Order Book p98
EW(bottom)18516HardmanPuginSaints: Agnes&lamb; Catherine&wheel; Cecilia&harp; Lucy & dish with her eyes; Barbara; Agnes & pincersHardman 1846-52 Order Book p98
SCh18514HardmanPugin2 rows of saintsHardman 1846-52 Order Book p113
SA13BentleyAssumption of BVM; Christ in Majesty; Deliverance of St. PeterLondon Catholic Churches' by A Rottman, 1926
SA242 rows of miracles in St. Gerard's life
NTrE14SacramentsLt:Bl'd Clement.Rt:Fathers at this church
NTrE2 (left)+18942Lavers & WestlakeNativity; Flight into EgyptL & Mary MahonyStylistic attribution
NTrE2 (Right)+18942Lavers & WestlakeChrist & Doctors;Holy FamilyOsmund LambertStylistic attribution
NA13BentleyAngels with badge 'Ave Maria'London Catholic Churches' by A Rottman, 1926
NCh118883Ion PaceBentleyAbigail; Esther; JudithThe Tablet 22.9.1888;Clapham Annual 1907
NCh218883Ion PaceBentleyRachel; Deborah; RuthThe Tablet 22.9.1888;Clapham Annual 1907
NCh318883Ion PaceBentleyEve; Sara; RebeccaThe Tablet 22.9.1888;Clapham Annual 1907
NAW19303Sister Margaret RopeTop: BVM; Christ as child; Joseph. Bottom: Presentation; Holy Family; Christ & DoctorsThe Tablet 5.4.1930
NWChS19301Sister Margaret RopeChrist with chaliceCatholic Herald 27 Sep. 1930
NWChW19302Sister Margaret RopeLt: BVM; below: Adam & Eve. Rt: Crucifixion; below: small sceneThe Tablet 5.4.1930