Church Stained Glass Windows recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2019
Stained Glass Windows at All Saints
Fulham, Inner London
WindowDateLightsFirm DesignerSubjectsMemorialSource
EWc18815Heaton, Butler & BayneTop: Crucifixion (2-4), Below: Nativity;Last Supper (2-4);BaptismFulham Old & New
SChE19383M. E. Aldrich Rope signedLt: Annunciation; Presentation. Cen: Madonna & child. Rt: Visitation; Christ & the Doctors
SCh118404Wailes signedMatthew; Mark; Luke; John, below:Baptism;Christ with children;Last Supper;Agony
SA1+18532Heaton, Butler & BayneChrist preaching to the DoctorsJames & Harriet LamminStylistic attribution
SA2+18783Heaton, Butler & BayneJohn the Baptist preachingEmily WrayFulham Old & New
SA318853Heaton, Butler & BayneConversion of St. PaulRev John JacksonThe Guardian 29 July 1885
SA4+18873Heaton, Butler & BaynePentecostJames EnglishFulham Old & New
SA5+18822Heaton, Butler & BayneSt. Barnabas lays money at apostles' feet (restored Michael Coles 1970)Alfred & Mary BassanoFulham Old & New
SAW18832Heaton, Butler & BayneSt. Andrew brings Peter to ChristArchbishop Tait +1882Fulham Old & New
WW19721 (top) of 5Lowndes & DruryArms of Diocese of London (old coats of arms in rest of window)Faculty MS 21544/23
NC18812Heaton, Butler & BayneAscensionJonas TurnerFulham Old & New
NAE18812Heaton, Butler & BayneAdoration of MagiFulham Old & New
NA1+18752Cox Sons, Buckley & Co signedDoubting ThomasJulia TateFulham Old & New
NA2+18633Heaton, Butler & BayneCharge to PeterRev. Robert RoyFulham Old & New
NA318813Cox Sons, Buckley & CoMartyrdom of StephenMark & Maria NelsonFulham Old & New
NA4+18863Heaton, Butler & BayneMassacre of InnocentsMary WeissFulham Old & New
NA518813Heaton, Butler & BayneChrist blessing children (placed by children of parish)Fulham Old & New
S Cler118992Heaton, Butler & BayneNoah; MelchizidekParish Magazine July 1899
S Cler219022Gamon & Humphry signedSt. Alban; St. GeorgeDeliverance of son
S Cler619162Heaton, Butler & BayneZacharias; AnnaRev Frederic Fisher +1915West London Observer 28.4.1916

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