Church Stained Glass Windows
recorded by Robert Eberhard - updated January 2020
Bedfordshire  Berkshire  Bournemouth area  Buckinghamshire   
Dorset  Essex  Hampshire  Hertfordshire  Inner London 
Kent (East)  Kent (West)  Outer London (Essex)  Outer London (Kent)  Outer London (Middlesex) 
Outer London (Surrey)  Oxfordshire (South)  Surrey  Sussex  Wiltshire 
Stained Glass Windows by Warrington, Leeds in
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Inner LondonKensingtonHoly Trinity, BromptonSC1Warrington
Inner LondonKensingtonHoly Trinity, BromptonNC1Warrington
Inner LondonKensingtonHoly Trinity, BromptonNC2Warrington
Inner LondonKensingtonHoly Trinity, BromptonSGallEWarrington
Inner LondonKensingtonHoly Trinity, BromptonWWWarrington
Inner LondonLewishamSt. SwithinNAWWarrington
Inner LondonPutneySt. MaryNChEWarrington
Kent (East)BapchildSt LawrenceNChEWarrington
Kent (East)BapchildSt LawrenceNChEWarrington
Kent (East)CheritonSt MartinSC1Warrington
Kent (East)CheritonSt MartinSC3Warrington
Kent (East)CheritonSt MartinNC1Warrington
Kent (East)CheritonSt MartinNC2Warrington
Kent (East)CheritonSt MartinNC3Warrington
Kent (East)CheritonSt MartinNAWWarrington
Kent (East)DoverSt MaryWWWarrington
Kent (East)IckhamSt John the EvangelistSC5Warrington
Kent (East)KnowltonSt ClementEWWarrington
Kent (East)TongeSt GilesEWWarrington
Kent (East)TongeSt GilesEWWarrington

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